Radoslav Kapralcik

Director of Photography

Filmmaker and Photographer | Producer | Visual story creator |


With over ten years in media, Rado worked initially as a photographer, lately as a professional cameraman. Since leaving the Business school in Prague he has followed his dream and worked non-stop in the world of stills, film and productions. Rado works now for GOTiT shootings and GOTiT pro as the director of photography and producer, working on many different projects and campaigns. Rado has also his own independent film projects and works on documentary movies.

Inspired by filmmakers all around the world and lifetime dream of making featured films I am concentrating to pursue a career behind the camera and in film production.

It is a huge privilege to be a filmmaker. It is a responsibility I feel I have towards the world, to tell and capture the stories.

  It is something I love!


Canon C200 | Panasonic GH5 | DJI Mavic 2 Pro | Canon and Sigma lenses | Professional Sound Quality and Film Lighting


Adobe Premier | Adobe After Effects | Adobe Audition | DaVinci Resolve


Panasonic S1H | Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom


In 2007 I started in the industry as a freelance photographer and documentary filmmaker
I released my first feature documentary as a cinematographer in 2011.
Short after, In 2012 I started with filmmaking and run my first small production company.
Between 2012 and 2016 direct as well as shoot numerous promos and commercials creating mainly social media content and advertisement.
After moving to Austria in 2016, I started working full time as a photographer and main cameraman/editor for GOTiT shootings in Innsbruck working mainly on campaigns for Skieresorts and on projects with brands like Burton, Freshline Boards or ZHIYUN tech.

In 2018 I become a co-founder of BigPeak Media, Europe wide production company located in Innsbruck working on a high-end level projects.
Thanks to my job I was able to work all over Europe, working in Austria, Germany, France, and Central Europe.


Canyoning in Otztal

Dolno Kubinska Skalka

Climbing document about one beautiful location in northern Slovakia that deserves it. It’s my home place.

Lands Beyond


My plan for next few years...

Work collection

"When I'm not filming, I do rock n' roll; when I'm not doing rock n' roll, I do filming" ... .
Rhys Ifans

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Short ARTfilm
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